Manual rinsers series SC-4M

 scm bordi

The guarantee of cleanliness and sterilisation of the empty bottles and jars is a must in all fileds, beverage bottling, food, chemical-cosmetic filling.  
The manual rinsers series SC-4M can be used with both bottles and jars, of any size and shape.
These machines are available in several different versions :
SC-4M :  filtered water rinsing, for wineries
SF-4M :  blowing with micro-filtered air or nitrogen, for producers of edible oil or other food products
SCR-4M :  rinsing with a sterilizing solution in recycling, for wineries, distilleries, micro-breweries, producers of cosmetic lotions
The model SCR-4M is equipped with a stainless steel pump for recycling the micro-filtered rinsing solution and is single-phase powered.
All the other models do not need electric power; the model sc-4m only demands to be connected to the water supply net.




Additional Info

  • Working way: manual
  • Dedicated products: water, sanitizing solutions, alcoholic solutions, solutions with S02
  • Hourly output: about 300-400 bottles per hour
  • Voltage: (only model SCR-4M) 220V - single-phase - 50/60hz
  • Installed Power: (only model SCR-4M) 0,18 kw
  • Compressed air: only model SF-4M
  • Water consumption: about 15-30 L/h
  • Type of containers: glass bottles and jars
  • Dimensions (mm): 60 x 60 x h.75cm
  • Weight (kgs): 25