Automatic filling + plastic capping monoblock mod. 'RT1000PK'


RT1000 bordi
The RT1000PK automatic dosing+capping machine is designed for filling jars or bottles with thick products like detergents, cosmetic lotions, essential oils.
The capping can be with plastic caps, screw or press-on type.
The unit is mainly including two working stations assembled on a rotary starwheel, with step-by-step motion
Volumetric doser with gear pump :
• no. 1 rotary pump made in aisi.316 quality stainless steel
• inverter speed adjustment of the pump
• adjustment of the product dose from 20cc and of the rotation speed by electronic setting on control panel
• pneumatic controlled 2-ways nozzle with anti-dripping device
• Plunging nozzle for precision centering the bottle neck
• ideal for dense and partially dense products; it gives a higher precision in the dosing without pressure adjustments, thanks to the quick electronic adjustment.
• Easy to wash and sterilize, reduced maintenance and wear.
Caps distributor and closer
• Capsule distributor with automatic sorter for plastic capsules
• Drop channel for 1 size of cap
• Device for detecting capsules in the channel
• Pick & Place cap transfer device on the bottle neck
• No. 1 capping head, pneumatically operated for screw or press-on caps
Electrowelded stainless steel base, mounted on 4 adjustable supporting legs  
Channel around work surface to collect any discharged product
Complete machine designed for independent operation, supplied with stainless steel chain, transmission and drive.
Certified CE conformity.
Electric Control Panel with IP55 safety protection

Additional Info

  • Working way: automatic
  • Dedicated products: cosmetics and detergents
  • Hourly output: up to 1.000 pieces per hour (2.000 with 2 dosers model)
  • Speed change: automatic
  • No. of Filling valves: 1 or 2
  • Voltage: 400v - 3ph - 50hz
  • Installed Power: 3 kW
  • Compressed air: 300 lt/m' at 6 bar
  • Type of containers: bottles and jars
  • Min/max bottle diam.: 30 - 110 mm
  • Dimensions (mm): 2500x1000h2400
  • Weight (kgs): 700